Who We Are

The Story of Fugee School

For refugee children in Malaysia, going to school is only a distant dream. As of the end of May 2019, there were some 173,730 refugees and asylum seekers registered with the UNHCR, out of which 44,130 are refugee children below the age of 18 years. Due to a lack of legal status, refugees cannot seek legal work, their children can’t attend school and access to healthcare is limited.

Malaysia is a transition country for refugees from all around the world. While waiting for resettlement – a process which can take years – refugees have to rely on non-profit organizations like Fugee.

In 2009, Fugee School was established to address this gap to provide four children from the Somali refugee community of Kuala Lumpur with basic Mathematics and English lessons. Since then, Fugee has grown its scope and size dramatically, and now provides equitable access to a broad-based, quality education, as well as a range of support services for over 200 students each year.

10 years later, Fugee School is not just an academic learning centre but also a transitional school for our students who will eventually get resettled. With us, refugee students are equipped with holistic academic support by learning the right technical, creative and life skills so they can cope with challenges they face today and may encounter in the future.

Our Vision

Fugee School strives to ignite an endless passion for learning and growing within every child.

Our Mission

We want Fugee students to realise their full potential and value by equipping them with the right academic, creative and life skills in an environment free from discrimination and exclusion. We know that education is the key that can open doors to a brighter future. The holistic education we provide our students train them to be resilient, adaptive and empowered individuals. 

Core Values

Fugee School builds and enhances core values and skills of refugee children and youth so they reach their full potential and are well equipped for the real world. Our core values are:

Inclusion & Diversity






The Team

Deborah Henry

Deborah Henry

Founder, Fugee
Bushra Hassan

Bushra Hassan

Principal, Fugee School

Shikeen Halibullah

Co - founder, Fugee School


4 volunteers supporting curriculum development, education, coaching, and complementary program implementation


A diverse group of 9 refugee and non-refugee teachers and administrative staff