Fugee School strives to ignite an endless passion for learning and growing within every child.

The Fugee School Football Club has teams for girls and boys, and provides up to 100 students with weekly football training sessions.

Established in partnership with Maybank, Drum For Hope allows Fugee students to perform in a host of shows in malls, universities and gala balls.

Thanks to our partners and donors, Fugee School is able to access expertise, contacts, experiences and resources.



Fugee School is one of the educational arms under the Fugee umbrella. We provide and maximize access to education opportunities for refugees in Kuala Lumpur. The emphasis is not only in academic schooling, but our education also encompasses enterprise work, capacity-building and vocational training exercises with communities. 

There are 33,640 refugee children in Malaysia

Without Fugee School I don’t think I would have applied to the University of Nottingham Malaysia and my advice to students of Fugee School is to grasp the opportunities and focus on your education for a brighter future.

I joined Fugee School in 2017. After years of hard work, they nominated me to take the CERTE course where I got the opportunity to study in Nottingham University. Now I’m finally doing what I love: computer science!

Fugee School is not just about lessons and studying. They have activities and workshops that help me grow into a better human being.


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15+ holistic programmes
Over 50% female participation
500+ students studied at Fugee School

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You’re In, Not Out

Our coffee-table book

On Fugee School’s 10th anniversary in 2019, You’re In, Not Out was published to share with the world 10 years of stories and impact. The book captures united feats of Fugee School heroes in words, in artwork and in photos.