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Education Equity Starts With You!

Because Fugee students have shown academic success; because refugee kids like Sumaia and Yusra motivate us; because there are many more refugee children who would love to stay in school and Fugee School enrolment is increasing; because ALL refugee children should have access to broad-based education opportunities. These are compelling reasons why Fugee School must continue and further expand its efforts with the refugee children.

This is an exciting opportunity for you/your company to play an active role in supporting the education of refugee children.

Volunteer With Fugee School

Most of our opportunities to volunteer at the school is in Kuala Lumpur. Our aim is to recruit a diverse and dedicated team of passionate and committed volunteers who love to take risks and teach Foundation to upper Secondary level students. We especially encourage the following people to apply:

  • people with a university degree in Education, Language or an equivalent
  • people with an education background working with student
  • people with tutoring experience, private and public
  • people with relevant multilingual abilities to communicate with refugee communities
  • people with an HR/administrative background
  • people with project managements skills to run workshops/information sessions

What do we expect?

At Fugee School, we generally require a commitment of 5 days a week on a regular school week for 3-6 months, depending on the type of commitment. This is to ensure consistency for our students and it makes managing expectations easier for us too.

What are you required to do?

Our volunteers perform a range of assignments and tasks depending on their expertise, such as:

  • teaching in-class subjects and extra-curricular activities under the curriculum
  • assisting subject teachers in classes
  • assisting in liaising with external engagements and fundraising campaigns
  • assisting in updating content for the website, newsletters and bulletins
  • assisting in gathering and analysing data, including statistics (i.e., Fugee School progress)
  • organising paperwork such as student progress, examination grades etc.

Apply as a Volunteer!

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Partner With Fugee School

Collaborate with us and build long-lasting strategic relationships with real impact. We can do more when we work together with shared goals to provide a wide range of opportunities to the refugee community including internships, capacity-building training and jobs.

Here are ways that you can leverage your business network and social responsibility to support refugee students through Fugee School:

  1. Sponsor children’s education at Fugee School
  2. Fund essential classroom needs
  3. Lead skill-based workshops and mentoring
  4. Arrange internship programmes for Fugee School graduates
  5. Engage with Fugee School graduates for part-time employment positions
  6. Run excursions and extra-curricular activities with Fugee School

Partner with us