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Every year, 160 refugees receive free education through a diligent academic curriculum and life-skills trainings. At Fugee School, we tailor our curriculum to address the specific needs of refugee children who face trauma and disruption following their displacement. We develop our students’ critical and creative thinking by focusing one-third of our curriculum on experiential learning. We encourage our students to discover their strengths and work with local partners for an avenue to develop these. Using their unique life journey, our students have the potential to achieve their dreams. At Fugee School, our curriculum is created using a combination of the Malaysian and Singaporean workbooks, our focus always being on whats best for our students.

When I came to Canada my first exam’s score was 79%, my second score was 87% and my third score was 90%. This has happened because of the knowledge I gained at Fugee School.

Ahmed Bashir

Ahmed was a Fugee Buddy (mentor) and became a teacher. He is now pursuing a degree here in Malaysia.


Nawa was a Fugee student, turned Buddy. She was one of two committed Fugee students who got accepted into the University of Nottingham’s foundation program for refugees. She is now happily resettled in Texas.

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